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Phone Number | Avatar Geeks


IT’S AS EASY AS 1…2…3…


Submit the characteristics and your non-refundable deposit payment of $25.

Start Creating Your avatar.


Within 3 business days, we will design and send your customized avatar for your approval.

You may have up to 2 additional changes at no charge.


Upon your approval, pay the final $25 and we will send you your avatar in these formats, .pdf, .eps, .tiff, .jpg and .png.


More About Avatars

Avatars have a serious function in hiding your identity from others. Avatars can become the first step to protecting your identity, yet still keep the advantage of ‘chatting’ and an internet presence.

Why pay for an Avatar when other avatar creators may offer it for free? The artists at Avatar Geeks create a customize identity in which you can add personal features that accentuate your uniqueness.

This uniqueness becomes your personal internet identity, to be used over and over. And it won’t be confused with stock avatars.Your AVATAR is 100% original, copyrightable, and delivered in formats for you to size, resize and use in various ways.